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Of Our Service Offerings Are

Our services are offered in various forms of aerial productions, surveys and photography. We work with various licensed drone operators and ensure that we are not only permitted to fly, but in the case of accessing and working within restricted areas and on private land our team will work with our clients for the required outcomes. We work with various DJI Professional and Enterprise level products.

This is what we specialize in – expeditions, travel and remote logistics. Since 2010 we have been producing content across Africa and Europe, using purpose built expedition and media based vehicles. In addition to these vehicles our team is able to not only work with you to deliver the desired outcomes of your project, but through drawing from our vast travel experience and knowledge we are able to suggest suitable location for various outcomes.

All of our team members are accomplished and published photographers in our own rights. Our diverse skills sets, interests and genre or photography ensures that we are able to capture your needs. Our mobile studio packs into pelican cases and can be flown to any location in the globe including the Arctic and Antarctic where we have worked before. Though if you are not as adventurous as our team, do not worry our Cape Town and Lisbon based studios can cater to your every need. Be it product, lifestyle or corporate we look forward to capturing your story.

As a well-established media production house with solid and proven digital marketing expertise. We understand the critical relationship between media content production and digital marketing strategies and tactics. Our unique offering as a combined media production house and digital marketing business is a long-term turnkey digital marketing strategy. We pride ourselves in being able to work together with you and your marketing team to not only leverage the cinematic style documentary and life style content we produce, but to also manage and market the unique content we provide for your brand.  All the while enable your business/brand to build your own unique library of digital marketing assets for future use.

Over the years we have been blessed in being able to work for various conservation organizations and corporate, producing cinematic based documentary films and corporate ID videos. Though having to apply ourselves to varying client based projects and some of our own passion projects we have not only been able to broaden our creative eye, but also develop new skills and outlooks on projects. As a production house we work with the latest Canon Camera and Cinematic Equipment and are proud of our affiliation to this brand.   

As part of our offering we produce various VR and 360 based content for clients. We have also started producing Cinematic VR Documentary Films and Photography. One of the main uses for our content is though Google Cardboard and Google Expeditions as part of the explore4knowledge – mobile classroom offering.

Alongside various partners we offer events management services. We have facilitated vehicle launches, product promotion and special events evening. Offering clients, a turn key production, PR, event and digital marketing solution for the events. We also proudly manage the explore4knowledge – mobile classroom cinema series which takes local and international films and documentaries to schools in remote locations at no cost to the learners.

Pin Media Productions is proud of its long standing affiliation to various brands and environmental NGO’s. We proudly assist these organizations and projects through producing professional level videography and photography content at a competitive rate.